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BBSH Stallion Parade 2011

The British Bred Sport Horse Stallion Parade was held on Saturday 29th January at Hartpury Equestrian Centre in Gloucester.  The day saw over 50 graded stallions presented to a packed crowd, arguably the largest spectator group for the parade in recent years.


Lynne Crowden, who also provided a very entertaining commentary throughout the day added "At Hartpury we aimed for, and achieved, courtesy of a wonderful crowd, the beginnings of the sort of continental spectacle that brings all sorts of people together to have a stimulating, informative but also entertaining evening. In my view there is little need for the acquisition of information to be a sombre affair and it was clear the the majority of the spectators felt the sort of inspiration, excitement and "lift" that I look for when I go to a Breeding Event. I want to be inspired and come away with plans

running around in my head. I want to fall in love with one or two stallions and I want to have a good time and chat with friends. I think the Event met that need for a lot of people. It was packed and while it was difficult to move freely from A to B, the atmosphere more than made up for any inconvenience. Are there improvements we want to make? You bet! The trade stands needed more room to really engage with interested customers. We would love to have stables and to accommodate more stallions. We will work on this over the next months".


The future plans for this show are exciting and I believe both stallion shows will benefit from each other's success.  People who visit one and have a positive experience are then far more likely to visit the other   It can only have a positive outcome for breeders, owners and producers as a whole and what has been proven is that the vast majority of stallion owners want to work together, enjoy each others stallions and successes for what they are and  make further strides forward in future.  


We hope you enjoy the short photo essay here and will be expanding upon it next month.  With enormous thanks to Kevin Sparrow who has kindly given permission for his photographs from Hartpury to be used within the magazine.

Cash Point

Above:  Cash Point    

Photograph courtesy of Kevin Sparrow

by Lynne Busson

Kevin Sparrow photography

Craig Millard, joint owner, Cendy


We had a lovely day at Hartpury.  We attended last year as well and this year was simply superb.  The whole event was beautifully run (a credit to the hard work of Jan/Cat and their team) and the commentary by Lynne Crowden was just excellent - her talents for 'working the crowd' are second to none.


Cendy was just fab (but then I am biased).  I love the format of being able to run him in hand so the stallions can be seen initially without tack, which is so important to breeders.  Cendy then excelled himself in the arena and jumped well over some fairly sizeable objects!! He was a credit to Kim Stuart Smith (his part owner) and me, and was superbly shown off by Virginia Turnbull, his jump jockey!


Last year I entered him in the dressage section as he competes across two disciplines but this year he is more experienced so the showjumping section showed off his true talents.  He has won over £400 BSJA having won several Newcomers classes at the same time as winning all six of his British Dressage Novice Open classes that he has entered.  With current qualifications for the Newcomers Second round regionals and the Novice Open and Novice Open Freestyle Regional dressage championships, he is proving to be a very versatile dual purpose stallion.


We will without doubt return next year.  We will definitely support both of the stallion parades next year.  I was disappointed that I had to miss the SSGB but unfortunately it clashed with the regionals at Patchetts.


Also we’ve had bookings as a result of Hartpury so I’m very pleased we attended.

Beverley Brown owner Of Caesar 171


We booked in to Hartpury Stallion Parade with two very distinct problems…..  Caesar had been retired from ridden work for over 2 years and LE Chiffre had only been under saddle 3 months and this would be his first party.  Extra pressure was added, in that Rosewater I Claudius (Claud), the first of Caesar's sons in the UK to be graded, was also present and we hoped to do a little display with the boys together.


We knew that to really show the qualities of Caesar we would need to ride him, however with the weather we were unable to travel him to Sam to prepare.  Dilemma!  Anyway we thought we would give him a chance and we dropped him off to Sam with only 1 week till Hartpury!  We think he did a fab job, given the limited time available.  Caesar was so happy and I think what everyone witnessed was a love affair before their eyes as Sam and Caesar were once again reunited. I know Sam would love to find a 16hh version of Caesar!


LE Chiffre, aka Peanut, was an absolute star, like his father Caesar.  The louder the music, the bigger the trot – add spotlights, clapping and music and he was still totally unfazed, as was his big brother Claud!  This was Peanut’s first time out after only recently being backed and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous!  What on earth was I thinking... but the boys were amazing and whilst we couldn't ask a great deal of either of them, I don't think they let us down by any means.  They both showed their superb temperaments and huge ability, and that was made somewhat easier by the very well organised and structured format of the event, matched by the superb facilities!


The commentary and music were also very well executed, with Lynne Crowden providing an entertaining and very informative commentary.  Thank you so much to the BEF for promoting such an event and for the opportunity to share our boys.  The support and camaraderie between riders, owners and breeders was outstanding.  We loved the atmosphere and have had such a phenomenal response from the show.  It was very well organised and everyone was very supportive – well done!